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Home> From The Desk> How to Get Spots Out of Wool

How to Get Spots Out of Wool

Wool is a natural, easy-to-clean fiber. The secret is speed. As soon as you spill something, place a white, absorbent cloth underneath the spot and blot the spot with another white cloth. Do not rub. Use water, detergent, or sport cleaner sparingly. Work from the edge of the stain inward, dabbing gently. Remove detergent or spot cleaner residue by blotting with cool water.

Oops! Ahh!
Ball Point Pen
Fruit Juice
Soft Drink
Spot cleaner (Carbona, K2-R) followed by warm water and mild, liquid detergent (Ivory, Lux)
Warm water and mild detergent
Blood 3% hydrogen peroxide followed by cold water and mild detergent
Red Wine A thick layer of salt to draw out the stain. Let dry, brush off and blot with cool water.